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Practical Training and Simplify Solutions

EcoLean Consultancy, which was known as Centrex Training & Consultancy previously, is a growing consultancy firm that is specialized in elevating client’s organizations’ performance through quality management systems solutions and cost reduction.

EcoLean also provides coaching and training programs which is another of our unique focus and strength. This coaching is in increments of environmental performance and manufacturing cost reduction with the employment of the concepts of ISO 14051 Material Flow Cost Accounting (MFCA). This vital tool in green production assists organizations in the reduction of costs and impacts on the environment at the same time.

Our Clients

Hands-on real life practical suit to the company need.

Rebecca Chin


Latihan tersebut bersifat terbuka dan mudah difahami.

Ahmad Al Afif Bin Azmi

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A lot of activities that help us understand better.




We provide value-added training programs from our industry experts, which are practical in nature. We employ different methods that take in consideration the exact needs of your organization.


EcoLean specializes in services like Process Cost Analysis, Waste reduction,  the design and application of management systems, enhancement services in QA/QC and Kaizen Blitz for the entire company.


We will boost your workforce’s quality and productivity by enhancing their knowledge and skills. We train on profitable use of resources by emphasizing on effectiveness, efficiency and employee motivation.