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Business English

Training The business English course is designed for individuals who are interested in working in international workplaces where English is the language of business. The introduction of business English to participants is our main goal. You will be coached on common business vocabulary to enrich your speaking, writing and listening skills. All training programs are intensive, practical, and flexible and skills based. This means that you can enroll in an English course aimed at meeting specific business needs. We have very experienced trainers. They appreciate that different participants have different needs in the program and it is then tailored to meet the specific needs of particular participants. One thing we prioritize is to impart the skills and capacity to apply what you have learned as soon as possible and efficiently as well. That is despite the level of language you possess. Select the English course that suits you best: For more information, get in touch with us for a free quote to customize your in-house training in interactive and practical Business English.
Suka dapat menenali sejauh mana diri saya berbahasa inggeris, lebih yakin dan pandai bercakap Inggeris.
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