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Business English Course

Convincing Business Communication Skills for Professional Administrators


Professional Administrator refers to the person around whom an organization’s business processes are centered. The professional administrator has a prime function of managing information flow between the various areas and modules of the business.

This training program is designed to focus on your work as a professional administrator and your unique needs. Your trainer will assist you to improve on specific areas by selecting material that meets the needs of those specific areas. These areas could include presentations, managing meetings, business writing or business conversations.

Who Should Attend

This training is for individuals who assist companies or department directors with different objectives and initiatives. These will include Professional Administrators, Company Secretaries, Executives, Administrators, Assistant Managers, etc.

Learning Outcomes

  • Be of productive assistance to directors and managerial staff.
  • Management of administrative functions for the smooth and efficient running of the organization
  • Give a solid backing to partnerships and strategic alliances that an organization maintains.
  • Set and realize performance goals
  • Carry out all delegated tasks from the director
  • Preside and attend meetings effectively
  • Strategic planning participation
  • Be an appropriate representative of the organization in public, business partners’ and stakeholders’ forums.
  • Develop and actualize the annual calendar of events, which could include official administrative activities, fundraising initiatives, company social responsibility functions, and other special events.
  • Come up with appropriate presentations for meetings, seminars and workshops

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