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Business English Writing Course

Convincing Business Writing with Negotiation Skills


More than 50% of business correspondence today is by email. There is therefore the need to send clear and unambiguous emails. Getting the tone or the wording wrong can damage vital business relationships.

Good correspondence is concise, compelling, accurate and credible. It should be inviting to the readers because it puts them at ease. They are then ready and willing to enter into any negotiations or discussion.

This program is developed with the prime aim of imparting skills and confidence that are essential for effective email communication. The main topics will be on accounts and finance, sales and marketing, administration, research and development, production and purchasing.

Who Should Attend

Individuals who are in need of skills in writing effective business letters, emails and memoranda to clients, suppliers, supervisors and managers.

Learning Outcomes

  • Professional correspondence
  • Gain credibility as an expert in the topic under correspondence
  • Lead the readers to see the point of the correspondence easily
  • Communicate your planning
  • Justification of points of logic in writing
  • Negotiation skills

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