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Business English Communication Course

Convincing Communication Skills for Administration


Skills for Administration in the 21st Century are unlike what they used to be. To make great first impressions, and to effectively dialogue properly stakeholders, executives, clerks, secretaries and admin assistants, need to speak clearly and confidently in good English, proper pronunciation, the right tone and a wise choice of words. Their business writing should be impeccable with proper grammar, intelligent sentence structure, and a logical flow of ideas for effective, efficient and accurate transfer of business information.

This program employs specific and updated material to help in enriching particular problem areas and in confidence building, telephone skills, business emails of all types and non-verbal communication.

Who Should Attend

Production Assistants, Accounts Assistants, Purchasing Assistants, Marketing Assistants, Human Resource Assistants, Receptionists, Telemarketing Assistants, Admin Assistants, Secretaries, Clerks, non-executive staff who communicate with the various publics of your business for purposes of administration.

Learning Outcomes

  • Good communication in normal conversation, when planning future outcomes and when discussing past events in business cycles.
  • Start good business conversations and make good first impressions.
  • Write minutes in meetings, take notes, have confidence in discussions, and give presentations.
  • Write business mail properly. This will include: official letters, emails, and correspondence related to enquiries, purchases, complaints, follow-ups and informational notes.
  • Be adept at Business Writing Skills, which will include organization, information flow, wording, tone, choice of words and sentence structure.
  • Telephone skills when answering calls, making appointments, and taking messages.
  • Professional handling of customer complaints and other customer relations’ communication.
  • To be of efficient assistance to senior management in the coordination of business functions.

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