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Executive English Training


A clear and convincing communication is essential especially in giving presentations, producing business documents and managing meeting discussion. Failing to do so will decrease your confidence level, competency and fluency that will reflect your capability as an individual in the managerial/executive level. Executive English provides interactive training to communicate effectively. It is a stepping stone for career enhancement as it exposes you into persuasive presentations, managing discussion and producing effective emails. This tailor made program will assist you in improving your business English to the next level.

This interactive programme is designed to assist participants to increase their confidence by strengthening their English that can be applied in formal and informal situations. It also designed to assist participants to develop and practise the language skills to communicate effectively. Executive English is the platform to upgrade your career.

Who Should Attend

Anyone who is actively involved in managing meeting discussions, presentations and designing business documents. The key people in the operations; executives, managers and directors.

Learning Outcomes

  • Chairing the meeting
  • Vocabulary for business documents
  • Impactful Presentation skills
  • Concise email writing
  • Effective communication skills

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