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Hotel English Training

English for hoteliers


One of the most frequent use of English language is in the hotel industry and it is a global language that connects people from various countries. There are many kinds of people walk into a hotel. Some are tourists, visitors and business guest that comes with different accents. It is a fundamental to understand them as in offering help, corresponding with request and complaints. Unable to serve them accordingly leads to frustrations and loss of business. Thus, the politeness of English Language becomes an important tool for sustaining and improving the customer service in hotel industry.

This course designed to expose in the politeness of English Language when dealing with guests, visitors and tourist. It covers on the tonal of language, appropriate vocabulary and the right expression in a customer service industry.

Who Should Attend

Those who are at the frontliners in a hotel industry; reception, cashier, waiter, room service, managers etc.

Learning Outcomes

  • Able to speak with confidence and politeness
  • Listening to different accents
  • Offering assistance
  • Responding to request
  • Handling complaints

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