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Continuous Improvement Consulting

Continuous improvement refers to the methodology of identification of opportunities for reducing waste and making work more efficient. This method is popularized implementing by Lean or Kaizen in manufacturing and business. Thousands of companies throughout the world apply it in the identification of opportunities for savings.


The basis of Lean is 5S Housekeeping. The effective organization of workplaces is what supports Lean programs. Practicing the 5S in the workplace instills an improvement attitude in staff. It also motivates them to practice Kaizen’s approach for sustained improvement and the discipline needed for enhanced productivity.

We will provide an effective and proven method of establishing sustained organization and order with the implementation of 5S in your workplace. Our offer is uniquely all-inclusive in that it involves activities that all staff engages in to plan workplaces. It also contains targeted consultancy support for key staff and management.

The team that you appoint for the project will manage the implementation of the 5S concepts in future.

Call on us for additional information. We can also arrange for non-obligatory consultation. An early assessment of needs will enable us to propose you a proposal with the details of objectives, scope, methodology and cost of the program.


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