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Kaizen Blitz Consulting Services


All business leaders concur that effective management raises customer satisfaction, which leads to a growth in profits. High production at minimum cost, efficient logistics and effective processes and operations are what all businesses aim at their size notwithstanding. Many companies however do not have the capacity nor are they equipped with tools to determine deficiencies in productivity, and for the creation of sustainable solutions.


Kaizen, a Japanese word, stands for improvement while blitz is German for fast lightning, thus a Kaizen blitz stands for a fast and dramatic session of improvement in a relatively short time. It is in most cases planned for one week. Here, teams, which will be trans-functional in composition, will train on the tools and concepts of Kaizen to determine and eliminate wastes in processes and procedures. Every day, each team brings forth their report in a common meeting. Teams are motivated by the competitiveness of the groups to maximize their results within the shortest time possible. Plenty of organizations have applied our Kaizen blitz skills and they have achieved improved efficiency and effectiveness in operations.

For an in-depth analysis of your needs, get in touch with us for a session on our Kaizen training programs. We will find the appropriate one for your organization and within your budget.


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