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Green Productivity New Tools: Material Cost Saving Consulting

Green Productivity refers to programs aimed at increasing productivity and a company’s performance environmentally for social-economic development. It involves the use of the right tools, technology and techniques to minimize environmental impacts of a company with regard to its activities and products. Cost Saving Material Flow Cost Accounting (MFCA), published in 2001 under ISO 14051 is a tool in green productivity management that is relatively new. It advocates for the efficient and effective use of resources, which is a primary factor in the reduction of waste. Transparency and accountability of materials flow is increased by the application of MFCA. It is a vital tool in effective improvements and problem solving. Minimization of waste generation, optimization of materials productivity and cost reduction can be realized by problem solving. EcoLean has helped many customers to discover their hidden profit by using MFCA in various sections in Malaysia. We have a proven and effective methodology to guide you thru MFCA way of identifying areas for improvement, continuous improvement coaching and integrating MFCA activities to existing operation process to sustain the improvement activities. Contact us today for consultancy in Green Productivity


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