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Calibration Technician Training – On Caliper& External micrometer


In the industrial world, the external micrometer and the digital calipers, which are one-dimensional measuring instruments, are the most commonly used in calibration. The external micrometer is limited to measuring external dimensions while the digital caliper can measure both internal and external dimensions.

The external micrometer and the digital micrometer carry a best discrimination of 1 and 10 micrometers respectively. Their characteristics for calibration are linear travelling, measuring faces parallelism and flatness of surfaces. The measurements that these digital micrometers use have Abbe’s Law to comply with to be deemed credible. It is only when these characteristics are determined that any measurements in calibration can be conducted.

This course covers all the necessary information one needs on the tools in dimensional metrology. The lessons include topics on measurement uncertainties documentation in Microsoft Word, calibration methods and technical skill, measurement errors control and the main concepts of calibration and industrial measurements.

Why It Is Needed

  • Easy self-calibrated equipment
  • The proper measurement practices
  • Accurate measurement and calibration techniques


  • Carry out internal dimensional calibration with total confidence
  • Enhance and encourage the use of internal calibration

Takeaway Value

  • Calibrate caliper
  • Calibrate external micrometer

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