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Instrument Calibration Training: On Dial Gauge and Dial Test Indictor


In the industrial world, the Dial Test Indicator and the Dial Gauge are commonly used as one-dimensional instruments. For measurements of up to 100mm, the Dial Gauge can be applied. For surface flatness and parallelism, the Dial Test Indicator is the instrument of choice.

The digital versions of the Dial Test Indicator and Dial Gauge have much better discriminations as compared to the analogue version which have 10 micrometers as their best discrimination. It is the discriminations, adjacent errors and retrace errors for linear travelling and repeatability that make the main characteristics in calibration for these small tools. Quality measurements are gauged against Abbe’s Law as the determining factor when it comes to the quality of their measurements and this need to be certified before calibration can begin.

Our calibration experts will assist you to reduce or eliminate operational errors with costly consequences by making you understand the calibration and measurement principles.

Why It Is Needed

  • To get a deep interest in calibration and metrology methods
  • Important in learning a systematic approach to calibration


  • Minimized need to engage costly technical support
  • Makes complete calibration tasks easily
  • Acquiring and maintaining processes with quality calibration

Takeaway Value

  • Carry out in-house calibrations
  • Carry out uncertainty estimation calculations

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