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Measurement & Calibration Training


When calibration of measuring equipment is carried out, there are two main objectives to it; to verify the accuracy of the equipment and to establish the measurements traceability. When equipment is repaired for inaccurate measurements, the process is referred to as calibration. Measurements before and after calibration of equipment are what is detailed in the calibration report. Product quality is dependent partly on correct measurements hence the essence of assessing its accuracy.

These skills need to be imparted on all staff responsible for the veracity and quality of measurements in an organization. Lessons in this course include: calibration, metrology, measurement traceability and uncertainty, calibration certification as well as accreditation.

Why It Is Needed

  • Verify the traceability of measurement to equal the expected results in SI units.
  • Meet ISO management system calibration clause requirements
  • Set up own in-house calibration process


  • Learn the recommended methods of selection of equipment, their care and maintenance
  • Learn precautionary measures to avoid errors in calibration
  • Enjoy In-house calibration which is cost effective

Takeaway Value

  • Practical knowledge on the calibration and measurement concepts
  • Develop calibration instruction manuals
  • The interpretation of data filed in calibration certificates and measurement results

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