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Measurement & Calibration Training


Calibration is linked to two metrological concepts; one is measurement traceability while the other is measurement uncertainty. Credible measurement results are only produced when estimates of traceability and uncertainty are valid. The credibility of these results is what gives confidence in the correctness of the overall results.

It is the objective of this training program that all staff concerned with calibration is familiar with the meaning of all relevant terminology in calibration. The lessons in this course include: the technical skills and methods to conduct proper measurements, measurement concepts, metrological requirements and many more.

Why It Is Needed

  • Systems of quality management often bring calibration issues in audits
  • Certified standards of calibration have to be met
  • Campaigns for the promotion of good measurement


  • Employ the best practices of calibration
  • Cost saving by planning adequate calibration interval
  • Avoid nonconforming measurements during ISO management certification audit

Takeaway Value

  • Demystify metrology and its basic concepts
  • Interpretation of calibration reports

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