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Document Control Training

Quality ManagementAny management system will have a system of document control as a vital component. Obsolete documents and those without current updates have often caused serious losses to organizations. Excessive control of documents will in turn alienate staff who will view the function as extra unpaid tasks. This training program focuses on document control guidelines as required by ISO requirements. The main topics here will include document numbering, master lists, approvals, distribution, tracking, updating and control of obsolete documents effectively and efficiently.


Why It Is Needed

  • Lean documentation
  • Benchmark the best practices of management system documentation
  • Proper interpretation of ISO management system requirements in document control


  • Keep updated documents
  • Save time and cost in controlling ISO documents
  • Maintain a current compliance to the requirements of ISO management systems

Takeaway Value

  • Distinguish document and records
  • Apply effective documents and records control options

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