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Environmental Impact Assessment Training

An Environmental Management System has the identification of environmental aspects as one of its main foundations. Therefore, all organizations seeking ISO 14001 certification must list all organizational activities with environmental impacts to implement their EMS. ISO 14001 requires conducting continuous reviews and current updates of environmental aspects.

GreenThe design of this ISO 14001 Aspects & Impacts training program is based on the need to have a good understanding of environmental aspects evaluation, impact assessment and the methodology of measuring them. A systematic determination of significant environmental impacts and aspects will assist the organization to establish an Environmental Management System or boost the capacity of existing ones.

Why It Is Needed

  • A good distinction of environmental aspects from impacts.
  • Align the organization’s options on assessment methodology against environmental aspects and impacts
  • The determination of the extent of significant environmental aspects


  • Have a complete identification process of environmental aspects and impacts
  • Expand the criteria for determining environmental impacts and aspects
  • Harmonize identification processes for aspects and impacts on the environment

Takeaway Value

  • Establish environmental aspects register and appropriate action plans
  • Acquire current aspects of the environment and impacts

In our in-house training, we will customize the training activities by using your organization process to:

  • Identify environmental aspects and impacts
  • Evaluation of environmental aspect and impacts
  • Assessment of environmental aspect and impacts

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