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Environmental Awareness Training

GreenFor any organization that is set on the systematic management of the aspects of the environment, to adhere to environmental guidelines or to be a model in environmental management policies, they need to gain certification for the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.

The benefits of quality environmental management are immense: compliance with environmental regulators’ requirements, meet customer expectations, boost the organization’s reputation and public image and boost productivity which leads to profitability.

This EMS Awareness training program seeks to make staff understand the main purpose of ISO 14001 and its requirements, local guidelines on environment, and train on the necessary skills your organization needs to determine an assess impacts and aspects of your company to the environment.

Why It Is Needed

  • Demonstration of organization commitment in environmental management
  • Proper way of EMS implementation
  • Gain confident in establishing, implementing and maintaining EMS


  • Minimize corporate liabilities through appropriate environmental management
  • Enhance staff awareness of environmental impacts and responsibilities
  • Have a sustained improvement policy on all environmental aspects

Takeaway Value

  • Differentiate environmental impacts and aspects
  • Participate in environmental management activities

We also offer extra-customized trainings for in-house training activities by using organization process in order to

  • Identify environmental aspects and impacts
  • Access environmental regulation compliance requirements
  • Plan environmental management implementation action
  • Prepare monitoring measures

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