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Environmental Management System Awareness Training

EcoThere is a need to develop your organization with your heart of operations set on environmental management. Your need to minimize environmental impact and enhance responsibility among your stakeholders will in a major way be guided by the ISO 1400 international standard.

This ISO 14001 Awareness Training program covers the main points in the requirements and purpose of ISO 14001. It also covers environmental regulations at a localized level as well as the knowledge and skills your organization needs to assess its environmental impact and aspects to it.

Why It Is Needed

  • Simple EMS implementation strategies
  • Align operations in line with the best practices in matters environment
  • Transition of any new revision of ISO 14001 requirements


  • Gain total compliance from environmental regulators
  • Ready practical site implementation guides
  • Cost saving by reduction of resources used or wastes
  • Awareness of employee in environmental impacts to their daily life activities

Takeaway Value

  • Identify environmental aspects and impact
  • Practices in environmental management programs

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