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Environmental Internal Auditor Training

AuditA well-developed environmental management system assists the organization to be energy and resource efficient, to minimize running costs and to increase productivity and quality of goods and services. Environmentally conscious customers can be your organization’s new market as a result. The enhancement of EMS will influence efficiency as per the ISO 14001 requirements.

Designed with in-house environment auditors in mind, this course will impart in them skills to carry out audits effectively either within an existing EMS or with a newly implemented system. There are also skills to be learned on collecting environmental audit evidence and determine non-conformance accurately.


Why It Is Needed

  • Ensure competence in internal environmental auditor
  • Ensure that the EMS is compliant to ISO 14001requirements
  • Confidence in facing certification auditors


  • Establish an EMS’s capacity and effectiveness
  • Inculcate a culture of responsibility and discipline in environmental audits

Takeaway Value

  • Plan in-house environmental audits
  • Employ the use of audit techniques that are proven in efficiency
  • Produce a credible audit report

We use organization process to customize training activities for in-house training such as

  • Assess on-site physical environmental audit
  • Develop common operation process control audit checklist or questions

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