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Quality Management System Awareness Training

ISO 9001Customer satisfaction and enhanced productivity depend on the principles of quality management. These principles also influence corporate effectiveness, quality control and maximized output.

In most cases, it is employees who are the first to be confronted with issues daily. Their awareness of the ISO 9001 benefits will make the success in implementing and certification of quality management system.

This training program helps with the internalization of the principles of quality management, the essentials of ISO 9001 requirements and everyday skills application in the workplace, which are useful in all types of organizations.

Why is this training Essential?

  • Implementation is easy with company-wide ISO 9001 awareness.
  • There is a sustained awareness of ISO 9001 for fresh staff and departing employees.
  • ISO 9001 transitions to any fresh revisions of requirements.

How your organization will benefit

  • Confidence in the setting up of organizational quality management systems.
  • Staff support and cooperation in the ISO 9001 implementation stage.
  • Easier time when ISO 9001 certification auditors come calling

Inherent Value

  • An explanation of the principles of quality management
  • Application of requirements of ISO 9001 in organizational processes
  • Relevant ISO 9001 material to refer from

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