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Kaizen Training

Kaizen refers to a practice in which continuous improvement is the main principle. It is generally believed to be the main factor in the competitive success of Japan. Masaaki Imai introduced the practice to western business in 1996.

KaizenOne of the key features of kaizen is the belief that small changes can yield big results when accumulated over a period of time. While this has been misconstrued to mean that small changes here and there sums up what kaizen is, the truth however, is that kaizen asks of everyone’s input in the making of improvements. The greatest impact of kaizen is the changes initiated by and led by an organizations’ senior management. This will be the changes that are essentially transformational and/or cross functional. Most of the changes though will be small ones but no less significant.

Kaizen is not a specific tool. It is more of a philosophy and thus there is no single perfect way of approaching it. Total Quality Management (TQM) and the use of staff suggestion methods are just some of the approaches. The entire staff is responsible for pointing out inefficiencies and gaps in processes. Every person is mandated to suggest intervention measures where improvement is possible, the rank and position in the organization notwithstanding.

Improvements in effectiveness, efficiency, waste reduction and safety form the basis of our Kaizen training programs.

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