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5S Implementation Training

Applying 5S housekeeping in the working environment maximizes productivity. 5S refers to a methodology for improving organization in workplaces. 5S is derived from seiton, seiri, shitsuke, seiketsu and seiso – all Japanese words.

5STime is saved, deadlines are met, working environments are made safer and there is an assurance of steady supplies and tools with the proper implementation of 5S concepts.

Our 5S implementation training course is interactive and practical with 80% of the program being dedicated to practical application of 5S concepts and 20% for theory. The practical bit is done on-site or in workshop activities. Our experts on 5S will set your organization’s application of 5S in motion.

Why It Is Needed

  • Great working environment
  • Management of staff in a systematic manner


  • Assimilation of current ISO management systems guarantees continuity
  • System standardization
  • Increased efficiency

Takeaway Value

  • Apply each 5S step to daily activities
  • Generate ideas for continuous 5S implementation

For on-site training, all activities in the course will be tailor-made for your company’s workplace. This will get your staff ready to:

  • Use 5S course material on-site
  • Adopt 5S implementation action plan

Dapat mengetahui 5S baik dan boleh praktikkan waktu kerja.

Faridah Husain

Latihan Perlaksanaan 5S