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5S Implementation Training

5S refers to a methodology used for organization, development, sustainment and cleaning work environments and it is applied in many successful organizations today as a form of continuous improvement. The 5S methodology is derived from “Seiri”, to sort: “Seiso”, to clean and check: “Seiton”, to set in an orderly manner: “Shitsuke“, to sustain and “Seiketsu”, to standardize. All these are Japanese words.

5S5S has proven to be a great commencement point for improvement activities that are geared towards eliminating process waste. This enhances an organization’s bottom line, lowers costs and improves the quality of products and services.

Take your 5S training from us since our training is designed to provide you with the success formula in implementing 5S effectively and efficiently. Again, you will get to learn how to sustain your 5S cultures in order to continue reducing waste while optimizing productivity in your work environment.

Why It Is Needed

  • Get a better quality to working environments and cultivate a good working atmosphere
  • The quality of products and their production processes are improved


  • Makes the staff more disciplined
  • Makes and sustains a conducive working environment

Takeaway Value

  • Ability to describe the purposes and benefits of 5S
  • Use of the concepts of 5S in processes

Latihan ini sangat berfaedah bagi saya membantu diri sendiri mengubah disekitar tempat kerja.

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Latihan Perlaksanaan 5S