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Kaizen Event Training

Kaizen Blitz refers to the approach to Process Improvement in a focused and intensive program. Kaizen refers to a “continuous improvement” while a “fast lightening” is the Blitz in another name.

This course imparts participants with the basic concepts of Kaizen with regard to strategies on cost-saving guidance on how to set up structures for Kaizen activities that are company-wide in nature and practice. It incorporates Kaizen tools like Visual Management, QC stories and tools, Kaizen overviews, Kaizen management systems as well as the procedures for the Kaizen Blitz.

Participants will study methods of problem analysis, improvement solutions development and the implementation of these improvements

Why It Is NeededImprovement

  • Cost reduction
  • Waste elimination
  • Reduction of activities deemed to be non-value adding
  • Elimination of manpower that is surplus to requirements
  • Resource maximization


  • The whole community in the company is sensitized on the elimination and reduction in waste
  • Adopting into the company’s management system a continuous and sustainable Kaizen approach
  • Quick realization of the cost benefits of improvement

Takeaway Value

  • Identify wastes (MUDA-Japanese word)
  • Use Kaizen’s tool to eliminate wastes

Training is very useful, i.e can useful to identify the waste easily.

Vinsth Kumar. P.T

Practical Kaizen Blitz Training

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