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Lean Production System Training

The Toyota Production System (TPS) was a development credited to the Toyota Motor Corporation. Many other companies have adopted this system in Japan and worldwide. A “means to goals” approach is essential for the implementation order of Toyota Production System’s steps towards continuous implementation.

LeanThe reduction of costs that is brought about by waste elimination is the prime goal of TPS. A quick and flexible change to current market situations by production systems will lead to reduction of costs. The JIT concept is the means by which this is achieved, and by producing the right products in the right quantities and on time. Toyota Introduced the Kanban system to manage the JIT concepts. Numerous activities are however, required to be set up for the Kanban System to function.

This course will guide you through the Lean Production System by covering value stream mapping, shop floor control system, time motion study, line balancing, capacity sheet, work combination table, standardized work chart, SMED and Poka-Yoke (mistake proofing).

Why It Is Needed

  • Total reduction or elimination of waste in the company’s processes
  • Maximizing the exploitation of potential or all resources ranging from manpower, processes, spaces, materials and activities
  • A high level of efficiency in low volume production


  • A reduction in company inventory
  • Minimizing the lead time; the period of time between ordering for materials and their delivery
  • Flexible reactions to consumer demand trends and allow for necessary changes

Takeaway Value

  • Workload visualization
  • Carry out periodic time and motion studies in production lines
  • Conduct activities that will lead to improvements.

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