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Kaizen Courses: Material Cost Saving Training


Material Flow Cost Accounting (MFCA) is a novel tool for green productivity that boosts the financial health of a company and environmentally friendly performances. It is geared at the re-organization of a company’s cost accounting with the environment as a focal point and covering all costs of producing a product as a whole. It focuses particularly on a products waste and the product itself as well as its volume costs in monetary terms.

MFCA is a relatively new approach in Kaizen. It will approach cost-accounting with special emphasis on a company’s costs by examining its wastes and processes in manufacturing   from an environmental viewpoint.

Over 300 Japanese companies have realized successful performances with their introduction of MFCA approaches. To supplement ISO 14001’s continual improvements, MFCA was published in ISO 14051:2011 as an international standard.

This training program focuses on providing the skills with which you will minimize environmental costs and impacts under cost accounting for materials flow. Practical simulations will be the main method of study.

Why It Is Needed

  • Creates profits from waste
  • Determine areas where savings can be realized in the processes


  • Enhance material productivity and minimize waste
  • Raise the effectiveness and efficiencies in how a company uses materials

Takeaway Value

  • Highlight all the costs in all processes
  • Create models for MFCA
  • Provide a calculation template for MFCA

The examples and activity which really linked to the concept. It will help me improve a system at work.

Pinky Kumar

Material Flow Cost Accounting Training

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