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Poka-Yoke Training

ConfidenceOne essential method in Lean manufacturing to eliminate waste is Mistake Proofing, which is also known in Japanese as Poka Yoke. The essence of this method is to eliminate the possibility of incorrect assembly right from the design stage.

Mistake proofing ensures that processes and products are done right the first time and each time. Prevention of defects in production and the early detection of mistakes is the prime goal of Mistake Proofing. With people prone to making errors even when doing inspections, mechanisms are built into systems and tools, which will call out problems automatically or halt the process until the ideal conditions for production are re-established.

This training program is geared to making your processes error proof. When you train on how to error proof your processes and early detection of mistakes, failures and omissions will reduce while quality rises.

Why It Is Needed

  • Human error reduction
  • Zero Quality Control achievement in a systematic way
  • Achieve zero errors systematically


  • Entrench mistake proofing as a vital focus point in processes of quality improvement
  • Quality management improvements
  • Workplace efficiencies are guaranteed when root cause issues are eliminated

Takeaway Value

  • Determine the different solutions to mistake proofing
  • Apply alternate techniques in mistake proofing

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