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SMED Training


Manufacturers are under pressure at all times to reduce costs. This is when current markets are demanding highly customized products. Manufacturers lose out to the competition if they do not meet orders in time. A combination of these situations, the pressure to boost productivity and high inventory costs all demand that quick changeover strategies are vital for the survival of an organization.

Increased productivity, improved quality products and flexible workspaces are all as a result of reduced set up times. Single-Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED) training establishes positive steps to the changing over of plant equipment to produce a different product or offer a different service. This quick changeover practical course will focus on the reduction on the changeover time of your organization’s current processes.

Why It Is Needed

  • Use current equipment and processes to boost efficiency and raise profitability
  • Minimizing work in progress and inventories
  • Boost the utilization rates of plant machinery and equipment


  • Change-over times are minimized
  • Inventories are reduced
  • Responding to customer orders is swifter

Takeaway Value

  • Internal and external work is differentiated
  • Fine-tuning the changeover time by continuous practice

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