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Value Stream Mapping Course

Value Steam Mapping (VSM) refers to a basic tool that showcases the state of a business’ operations. “The Current State Map” refers to the current state while “The Future State Map” refers to what the state could be after improvements are implemented.Flow

The flow of information and materials through all the steps in the value chain is followed by the Value Stream mapping. The depiction of these flows is visual. This mapping will let everyone understand the waste there is in the processes and its sources. Delays, extended lead times, overstocking, work in progress and other non-value added features would be brought into the open.

This course is formulated for all business sectors: manufacturing and service industries. Participants will from this training program understand VSM. This tool will lead to improved quality and cost reduction occasioned by minimizing lead-time through streamlined processes at the workplace.

Why It Is Needed

  • Determine waste and eliminate it
  • Business processes improvement tools


  • VSM can be employed in daily activities at the workplace
  • Instills a common language for improvement in all staff

Takeaway Value

  • Create a Value Stream Map, collect the relevant data and establish where improvements are possible
  • Develop an improvement plan that works

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