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Value Stream Mapping Training Course

Visual Stream Mapping (VSM) visualizes incredibly and helps staff to understand information and materials’ flow all through a service or products’ value stream. It also highlights current wastage and activities that are non-value adding. VSM is as a result of a detailed study of the service or product’s value chain laying emphasis on Lean concepts and the use of Lean methods that support Kaizen activities. Understand how VSM can give a boost to your way of doing business and establish a swifter business process flow and increased value addition. The practical application of Value Stream Mapping (VSM) to all processes is the focus of this program.

Why It Is Needed

  • Lean implementation support
  • Sustained improvementManagement


  • Simplify the timelines that are related to customer deliveries
  • Staff is involved in determination of waste

Takeaway Value

  • Itemize the vital techniques in Value Stream Mapping to manage the process
  • A true reduction of process variability and the elimination of activities that are not value adding by applying VSM tools at your disposal

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