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Value Stream Mapping Training

Cost Value

VMS refers to Value Stream Mapping. It is a mapping process where your organization determines the non-value adding processes that are in most cases the main sources of waste. Good use of the VSM will lead to a lean value stream, which will be brought about by improvements.

A lean value stream enables organizations to produce goods of superior quality, at low costs and under minimum lead times.

To comprehend, analyze, and improve processes that are vital to the company, you will need VMS. Our workshop will help you and your staff to have a deep understanding of value stream mapping’s theoretical as well as practical aspects. This will put you on the front foot towards increasing the flow of value to your customers.

Why It Is Needed

  • Determine and eliminate the main sources of waste
  • Makes the process flow in systems clearly visible
  • Lean activities blueprint


  • Improvements on the entire production process are visualized
  • Maximize the gains from eliminating waste

Takeaway Value

  • Develop the VMS for the current state of the organization and for the projected future
  • Determine problem areas and their potential for improvement

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