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8D Problem Solving Training


Problems are a common occurrence in our day-to-day working schedules. These problems demand more energy, time and resources to be solved. The formulation and implementation of policies to extinguish the root causes of such problems can be complicated.

The 8D Process, credited to Ford for its creation, is a fine technique to find solutions for safety and quality control. It advocates for the development of tailor-made solutions, which are permanent in nature to eliminate the causes of problems, which might make them to re-occur. Developed for the manufacturing and engineering industries initially, it can be applied to any industry today because of its relevance and usefulness.

This training program covers what it takes to determine and understand the root causes of problems and what one should do to eliminate the possibility of such problems affecting the organization again.

Why It Is Needed

  • Solution of true world problems
  • Structured problem solving policies which are tested and proven
  • Quality problems elimination


  • Helps determining the root causes of problems
  • Helps come up with lasting solutions to problems
  • Elimination of recurrent problems will save the organization money, time and resources

Takeaway Value

  • Find the actions that will take priority in problem elimination
  • Formulate and put into practice corrective actions

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