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Quality Control Courses: Acceptance Sampling


One of the most common quality inspection techniques of products coming into the organization and those leaving it is Acceptance Sampling. Sample sizes to be studied are selected by the use of sampling standards like ANSI/ASQ Z 1.4 for inspection based on attributes. The Acceptable Quality Limit (AQL) concept is the main basis of the sampling standards. The decision to accept or reject lots is a crucial one. This means that the AQL is appropriately determined and that the proper samples are selected to help in sound decision making.

Our training program will in detail explain all the right procedures that are necessary when selecting sample sizes.

Why It Is Needed

  • Establish new acceptance sampling plan
  • Helps in making correct use of acceptance plans
  • Review effectiveness of current sampling plan


  • The performance of suppliers is improved
  • Reduction of the costs associated with inspections

Takeaway Value

  • Effective use of sampling plans and their standards tables
  • Skills for careful consideration of the sampling plans for different products and their requirements

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