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Corrective Action Process Training


Most companies do not appreciate the benefits of proper preventive and corrective action. This is because lack a proper understanding of what CA/PA really are and what they do, lack of skills and tools and little or any time allocated for these processes.

Acquire a deep understanding of CA/PA and how to implement it to respond to defective products and dissatisfaction services.

This course will teach you how to declare a problem, its definition, its analysis and assessment for the root causes and how to formulate a CA/PA action plan and implement it.

Your organization and your quality management systems will benefit immensely when you acquire this improvement skill.

Why It Is Needed

  • To adapt to ISO 9001’s requirement on corrective action, and to prevent recurrence of problems by actions geared towards eliminating all sources of nonconformities.
  • Systematic and proven process of finding solutions for problems and managing them


  • Effectiveness in finding solutions for problems
  • Enable more functions and staff to have an input in corrective action processes.

Takeaway Value

  • Make proper use of CA/PA action
  • Put in place detailed actions to solve the problem and to prevent its recurrence
  • Establish where improvements are needed

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