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Corrective Action Process Training


Many organizations have had difficult times with Corrective Action and Preventive Action, which are basic Quality Management System (QMS) processes. It is in rare occasions that organizations are able to harness the merits of the best performance that can be derived from Corrective Action or Preventive Action. This is mostly due to a lack of awareness of the immense value it can bring to companies and lack of the proper time allocation it demands. Our training program will eliminate these and other obstacles.

“Corrective Action” and “Preventive Action” are two principles that our training program focuses on in great detail. It will instruct you on documentation of corrective (CAR) and preventive (PAR) action queries. It also focuses on how you can answer them and close them as well.

Why It Is Needed

  • Helps connect corrective action to management review for continued improvement
  • Important in solidifying the long-term sustainability and quality of problem solving methods in organizations


  • Enhancement of your organizations capacity to apply corrective action skills/program
  • Actualizing progress

Takeaway Value

  • Conduct analyses of the root causes of problems
  • Differentiate corrective action from preventive action
  • Formulate and implement an action plan

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