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FMEA Training


Lower the risk of costly mistakes for your organization. The function of FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) is to enable you to determine possible risks of failure before new product launches or when upgrading a product already in the market.

Acquire a practical knowledge of the application of FMEA’s principles to systems, products and processes. Determine possible causes of failure and their connection to product in terms of its design, the processes it undergoes when in the manufacturing stage and their bearing on the finished product. Analyze, study and correlate an engineer’s mental disciplines applied in design processes. Learn about the history of FMEA, its methods and principles, documentation, responsibilities and implementation.

Why It Is Needed

  • Before a company implements the principles of FMEA, the merits need to be well understood
  • Enhance the risk assessment capacity in the design of processes, improvements on existing products as well as for new products yet to hit the market.


  • Teams are selected carefully for effective management
  • Lower the risk possibilities for failures in designs and processes

Takeaway Value

  • Good understanding and internalization of FMEA’s concepts
  • Asses risks in scales of frequency, seriousness, and ability to be detected early or late in the process
  • PRN (Priority Risk Number)

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