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Root Cause Corrective Action Training


Treating the symptoms does not eliminate the problem; treating the disease is what works in the long term. In organizations, the best way to tackle workplace problems is to find and fix the root cause. One improvement technique that can be used effectively to determine, to understand and to fix such problems is the Root Cause Analysis (RC). Basically, it is used to solve organizational problems.

Our Root Cause Analysis Training will assist you to save your organization’s resources, time and money by enabling you to determine the root cause of a problem, fixing it and devising preventive techniques to ensure that no re-occurrence will happen.

Why It Is Needed

  • Equips staff with the ability to offer problem-solving advice irrespective of whether they are experts or not as well as technologically savvy or not.
  • Migrate from a problem solving approach to problem elimination and prevention approach.


  • Expand and enhance staff perception of problems and how they are solved.
  • Impart a fresh approach to all problems in the workplace and on how they are solved.
  • The provision of long-term improvement techniques and strategies.

Takeaway Value

  • Ability to find the root causes of problems and their analysis
  • The application of basic techniques to problem solution

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