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Quality Control Course: SPC


The main tools to help you study process behaviour are the Statistical Process Control (SPC) procedures. The control chart is one of the main SPC tools employed by improvement associates, quality control process auditors and inspectors.

SPC is preventative in nature and intent. Here, actions are taken preventatively long before a problem manifests itself. What the control charts will do is identify misnomers before they become problems; they are reservoirs of records of activities and indicators for future occurrences. The moment an abnormality has been identified, any or a combination of the rest of the 7 QC Tools can be employed to save the situation.

Our Statistical Process Control Training will guide you through all the procedures of creating and updating control charts. It will also train you on the other SPC procedures and their application in your organization.

Why It Is Needed

  • A detailed study on how staff can apply SPC techniques in their own working environment.
  • Good for anyone with an interest in the SPC technique of flow charts and the statistical charting process.


  • Elimination of quality problems and the added advantage of sustained improvement in the quality of products and services.
  • Substantial reduction in aspects of production like overtime, products returned with performance issues or malfunctions, inspection and test costs and other common problems in the workplace.

Takeaway Value

  • Differentiating the various forms that control charts can take
  • Explain the control limits

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